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Donnerstag, den 27. August 2009 um 18:44 Uhr

Ich möchte euch folgende Statements aus dem Interview zwischen und Jay Wilson bzgl. Diablo 3 nicht vorenthalten:

Über die Story:

Jay Wilson: Well, our story tends to focus a lot more on the two major demons and the impending invasion of Sanctuary. So the character classes tend to follow those events and not so much their homelands.

Über die ersten beiden Akte:

Jay Wilson:The first act is a little bit more of a mystery, there's this cult that has been operating in and around the rebuilt Tristram, you're trying to find out who they are. Act two's a little bit more of an intrigue and deception-focused story, because Belial is in there.

Über Decard Cain:

IGN: Considering everything else as well, how has Cain changed? He's been a threat throughout the previous games and expansions…

Jay Wilson:
Well, Cain's obviously a lot older, reaching towards the end of his life. One of the things that has plagued him all these years is that growing up, he was never much of a believer in the Horadric Order which was kind of handed down to him. It wasn't really until the events of the original Diablo that he came to realize this was all true, a serious threat. Throughout the original Diablo and Diablo 2, he re-familiarized himself with what he grew up with. He's spent the last 20 years trying to atone, he's always felt that if he had been more active earlier on, maybe he could have stopped it, maybe he could have prevented all this from happening. So that's what he's spent this time trying to do, trying to figure out how he can put an end to all of this and stop it once and for all. His urgency has become even stronger, because he knows he's reaching the end of his life. So it's made him fanatical, a little bit, a darker character.

und zu guter Letzt bekommen wir sogar noch eine Antwort auf die Frage nach der 5. Charakterklasse:

IGN: You did mention that it's [Anm.: die 5. Klasse] being revealed next year, and that it's someone from the previous games…

Jay Wilson: I did say that. I probably shouldn't have said that, because we're not sure that's going to be the case. It's just logical, that's what we tend to do. But it may or may not. I'm not gonna answer it, anyway… [laughs]


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